Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Remind Us You Can't Put A Price On Childhood Memories

Hoping to mirror the success of the 2023 campaign which saw 58% of all tickets sold before the event opened, the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW is again reminding consumers that the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a chance to ‘Find Your Happy Place’.

But with further cost of living pressures on Aussie households, a focus on showing value for money is a critical shift in the campaign’s messaging.

With the Show boasting exceptionally high awareness within the state of NSW (over 90%), the ‘Find Your Happy Place’ brand saliency message will continue to solidify its place in people’s minds, over the Easter period.

“Our ‘Find Your Happy Place’ brand message evokes memories and joy in young and old, evidenced by how it exceeded targets by more than 10% last year. It has become part of the vernacular in media reporting and with our Show audiences, so we remain confident and passionate about the long-term life of the branding. It resonates deeply with our customer base, as well as our Show team.”

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Head of Marketing, Frances Jewell.

A multiple messaging approach to mid funnel comms will target multiple audiences across different motivators – showing there is something for everyone at the event, with sales driving, action-oriented messages being used to land ‘value’ in a more literal sense (i.e. savings).

“The brand platform ‘Find Your Happy Place’ has struck a chord with people. It reminds them of the power of joy in creating life-long memories, and we’re confident it will continue to build on the success of last year.”

Connecting Plots Creative Partner, John Gault.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show will run from Friday 22 March 2024 to Tuesday 2 April 2024.

Australian Eggs Launch Latest Instalment of 'Bring The Bright' Via Connecting Plots

The new work continues to drive this positioning while elevating the use of eggs to consumption beyond just breakfast.

“The ‘Bring the Bright’ brand platform has been received incredibly well, people really connect with it. It’s encouraging to see people start to embrace eggs in a broader range of meals and occasions.”

Australian Eggs Managing Director, Rowan McMonnies.

The latest chapter tells the story of a playful family dinner occasion where the core ingredient goes missing.

“The ‘Bring the Bright’ platform is about the inherent joy that eggs can deliver. The platform has enormous potential. This is just the start of showcasing the breadth and versatility of the humble egg.”

Connecting Plots Creative Partner, John Gault.

The work has come to life in partnership with Infinity Squared, UM and Liquid Ideas, rolling out across digital channels including BVOD, DOOH, social and owned channels over the coming months.

All time record of tickets sales leads to 8 IAFE award wins for Royal Easter Show

1st Place Category 1A Television Commercial

1st Place Category 3 Single sided, Flat Promotional Ad

1st Place Category 9 Online Advertisements

1st Place Category 11 Out of Box Marketing / Promotion

2nd Place Category 2 Radio

2nd Place Category 12 Best Marketing Campaign

2nd Place Category 5 Promotional/Advertising Poster

3rd Place Category 8 Advertising (Outdoor)

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Australian Eggs Encourages Aussies To Brighten Their Meals And Moods With New Campaign

With the goal of elevating the use of eggs within a broader range of meal occasions, the new brand platform ‘Bring the Bright’ encourages Aussie households to brighten not only their meals, but their entire family’s demeanour thanks to the flavour and rich nutrients packed inside eggs.

“We know that Aussies love eggs. They’re healthy, versatile and at times decadent. However, outside of breakfast, our consumers don’t necessarily think of eggs when it comes to snacks, lunch, and dinner. That’s what we’re looking to change.”

Australian Eggs Managing Director, Rowan McMonnies.

While eggs are a well-established ingredient in the homes of everyday Aussies, research showed that consumers in their daily lives have a pragmatic mindset and established habits when it comes to eating routines. The new creative work shows that adding an egg is the simplest way to take a meal from humble to special.

“This platform introduces a human element to eggs. Its flexibility enables us to bring it to life through a range of emotional, to more pragmatic creative that’s been tailor-made for each paid and owned channel.”

Connecting Plots Creative Partner, John Gault.

The launch campaign’s hero films, directed by Richard Vilensky and produced by Infinity Squared, capture playful and relatable family moments, from the perfect flip to dinner prep’s cheeky interruptions.

The first phase of the campaign is currently rolling out across TV, out of home, BVOD, social, digital and owned channels with additional creative iterations launching in the coming months. The campaign has been brought to life in partnership with UM and Liquid Ideas.

The launch follows the recent news that Australian Eggs had appointed Connecting Plots as its creative agency of record following a competitive pitch in May of this year.

Westinghouse Launch Major Brand Equity Play In Australia

In a bid to increase market share and future proof the brand locally, ‘Happy to Help’ works across all the brand’s sub-categories and positions Westinghouse as the quiet, reliable helping hand in Aussie homes that, when called upon, will step up and help out so you can get back to living.

“When we sat down with Connecting Plots we all agreed that the ambition was to solidify Westinghouse as an icon of Aussie homes. Aussies have an inherent affinity with Westinghouse – it’s a brand that most Aussies grew up with and this new positioning is targeted at reigniting that truth in Australian culture. Our culture rates people who quietly pitch in without complaint or drama to help out when things get beyond our control and that’s exactly what Westinghouse is all about.”

Electrolux ANZ Marketing Director, Richelle Barker.

The launch campaign’s hero film, directed by Jesse James McElroy and produced by Infinity Squared, tells the story of a dinner party gone wrong, thanks to a lively Grey Morwong fish who has other plans – with Westinghouse quietly stepping up to the plate to save the day. It’s a deliberate play by Westinghouse to step change the categories stereotypes and conventions by using humour and a story to emotionally connect with consumers who’ve been drowning in rational category messaging.

Aside from the long-term brand building elements, the launch campaign is also designed to bring more rational proof points to life at both a category level for people entering the market and at a product level for those ready to make a purchase. The platform ‘Happy to Help’ is also designed to be both a compelling value proposition for customers as well as employees.

“This platform will come to life in every brand impression Westinghouse creates. From retail to delivery and comms. For us, that’s where the real magic happens. When a brand like Westinghouse can bring their brand story to life perfectly in every channel, across paid, owned and earned, in consumer comms, internal and trade”.

Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen.

The brand has also developed a distinctive sonic branding device to be used across all audio and relevant channels as a refreshed brand look and feel.

“Westinghouse is one of the largest and most iconic brands in its category in Australia and in fact, one of the largest brands by volume in the Electrolux Home Products portfolio, making Australia a critical market for Westinghouse. We’re thrilled that with the launch of this new range we can offer Australians and New Zealanders uncomplicated appliances that make life easier and let them get back to the things that really matter.”

Electrolux ANZ Managing Director, Kurt Hegvold.

The campaign launched on Tuesday 5 September and will roll out across paid, owned and earned channels. The campaign has been brought to life by Connecting Plots, Infinity Squared, PHD and Humann.

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How Renovating a Campaign Is Helping Difflam Take On Strepsils

Ah, the dreaded razor blade throat. We’ve all been there, and it’s definitely not ideal. Thankfully, there’s always been Difflam for soothing relief. However, when it comes to those initial tickles and discomfort, it seems like everyone’s first thought is Strepsils.

To tackle this issue, Difflam expanded their product range by introducing non-medicated lozenges and launched an advertising campaign positioning themselves as the ultimate solution for any stage of a sore throat.

Unfortunately, the campaign didn’t perform, failing to resonate with consumers in conveying the emotional benefits of using Difflam.

That’s when Connecting Plots was brought in to renovate the creative and connect the Difflam story perfectly across every channel for both brand and product specific messaging.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Reinforce Expertise As 'Sommeli-Airs' Of The Air

In a highly competitive category that’s hard to navigate, the new campaign by Connecting Plots seeks to unlock the assurance of an expert opinion, with the MHIAA Air Experts behaving like wine sommeliers – but with air.

It’s the third iteration of ‘The Experts in Air’, a brand platform that takes a humorous and light-hearted approach to presenting MHIAA as the true experts of the air-conditioning by stating that to truly understand air, MHIAA takes air exploration to the extreme.

“We understand that most Aussie’s are only in the market for an air-conditioner a few times in their life, if ever and that the brand affinity seen in other product categories isn’t as strong. So why not have some fun in what is usually a pretty conservative category and grab the attention of immediate and future customers so they can make an informed decision when the time is right.”

MHIAA Marketing Manager, Jenny Perello.

The brand strategy continues to focus on long term growth through distinctive and consistent brand building, underpinned by MHIAA’s heritage, credibility, customer satisfaction and the fact they are the most independently awarded air-con brand in Australia; with over 14 awards from CHOICE®, Canstar Blue, Finder and Product Review. The campaign also looks to uplift short term sales with a cash bonus promotion targeting both consumers and installers, who are highly influential figures in the sales process.

“Over the past three years, we’ve built on ‘The Experts In Air’ platform with a unique brand of humour to unashamedly claim category-leadership. When in doubt, you ask an expert and with their heritage and awards, that’s exactly what MHIAA are – our job is to convey that in a fun and compelling way that helps them stand apart.”

Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen.

The campaign is running across TV, BVOD, YouTube, radio, social, online, POS and owned channels, working closely in collaboration with media agency Speed.

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Sydney Royal Easter Show Says 'Find Your Happy Place' In New Creative Platform Via Connecting Plots

This new campaign follows the Royal Agricultural Society Of NSW appointment of Connecting Plots as its new creative agency of record following a competitive pitch that took place in November 2022.

In their first project for RAS, Connecting Plots have created ‘Find Your Happy Place’ a creative platform that builds upon the heritage and creative direction that the Sydney Royal Easter Show has followed since 2017 – the home of childhood wonder and joy, punctuated by the mnemonic device, ‘Happy and you know it’.

There’s a lot of nostalgia associated with the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We wanted Connecting Plots to leverage that heritage and capture the wonder and joy of childhood while also making the campaign feel new and contemporary.
RAS Head of Marketing, Frances Jewell

The new creative platform has been brought to life through the entire customer experience with a strong visual identity that builds upon the iconic elements from the Easter Show including the ribbons from the agriculture awards and hero brand colours of red and purple. Meanwhile the iconic ‘Happy and you know it’ theme song from previous campaigns has been evolved into a playful whistling device that carries throughout the different creative.

In order to understand how to evolve the existing campaign direction, we conducted research with a partner company to analyse the previous campaigns to see what we should keep, change and build upon. From these learnings, we created the organising platform ‘Find Your Happy Place’ that evolved the existing creative and showed that, with all the different experiences on offer at the showgrounds, there truly is a happy place for everyone.
Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen

The ‘Find Your Happy Place’ creative platform has been designed to create consistency and cohesion across all of the show’s collateral. The visual identity has been applied across every single impression, from TVCs, social, radio and OOH through to media kits, selfie photo frames and the spectacular nightly drone show.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show and the ‘Find Your Happy Place’ campaign will run until Monday 17 April with pre-sales already hitting an all time high.

30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner Launch New Potty-Mouthed Creative Platform Via Connecting Plots

Tasked with creating an enduring creative platform and through-the-line brand experience, the activity has been developed by Connecting Plots to bring a unique and relatable identity to the New Zealand brand within the Australian market.

30 SECONDS has experienced strong growth and category-leadership in recent years, in part due to back-to-back La Niña events causing exponential growth in mould and mildew.

While we’ve established a strong footprint within hardware retailers, the task has now turned to cementing 30 SECONDS as the go-to outdoor cleaner in the minds of Aussie consumers. That’s why we turned to Connecting Plots to build the brand and create consistency across our entire brand experience.
30 SECONDS Chief Executive Officer, James Pearson

The new creative platform ‘Let’s Clean Things Up’ champions the satisfaction of seeing a specialist cleaner at work, bringing a fun and unashamedly Aussie spin to an otherwise low-interest category.

At the heart of the campaign are the loveable, stubby-wearing and house-proud gnomes Gneil and Gnoelene, two no-nonsense ‘Spokes-Gnomes’ on a mission to show home loving Aussies how to clean things up – in their own inimitable way.

Knowing that 30 SECONDS operates in a low-interest category, we needed to get people’s attention and stand apart from competitors in every single impression, from radio through to pallet wraps. Gneil and Gnoelene are already doing just that with their colourful turn of phrase.
Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Tom Phillips

Giving the brand a distinctive, slightly potty-mouthed tone of voice, Gneil and Gnoelene act as a cohesive branding device throughout the 30 SECONDS brand and customer experience ranging from video, OOH, radio, social, digital and website through to in-store activations, sales collateral and internal communications.

The campaign has been developed in collaboration with media agency, Co.gency, with client, creative and media working closely together since the onset of the campaign.

It has been a pleasure to work hand-in-glove with both 30 SECONDS and Connecting Plots from the initial brief. We explored a range of media options to find the right balance of reach and impact for the creative platform. I’m excited to see Gneil and Gnoelene come to life in different ways across each of these channels.
Co.gency Managing Partner, James Currah. 

The new campaign launches this week with a series of extensions and innovations planned for the loveable characters into 2024 and beyond.

Menulog Is Giving Aussie's a Chance To Win Custom Katy Perry Inspired 'Sushi Sneakers'

Developed by Connecting Plots, the campaign extends the global brand platform in Australia by having some fun with the eclectic and indulgent iconography from Katy Perry’s larger-than-life ‘Did Somebody Say’ campaign, paying homage to her iconic sushi dress worn in the video.

To secure a pair of the coveted custom ‘Sushi Sneakers’ and a year’s supply of sushi, Menulog has partnered with TikTok to create a category-first branded lens and interactive game feature called ‘Menulog Run’, a way to enhance the delivery experience by giving customers game play during wait-time. Players must dodge bins and catch Aussie food favourites while navigating a Menulog courier as they race to complete a delivery on time.

The custom sneaker designs are modelled on the classic Nike Air Force 1s and feature a salmon maki roll inspired colour palette, complemented with striking rice prints, fishtail loops, emergency soy sauce pouch and a pair of chopsticks.

To bring the shoes to life, Menulog has collaborated with iconic Melbourne-based sneaker creator, Damian Sim “BespokeIND” who has designed custom shoes for celebrities and designers including Drake, French Montana, Dior and Louis Vuitton.

We partnered with one of the world’s top shoe customisers to create the first ever sushi sneakers, bringing to life the excessive and indulgent world of Katy Perry who we know our fans love. At Menulog we seek to bring the best possible delivery experience to our customers, and our TikTok game delivers joy to hungry Aussie’s while they wait for their food. We’re excited for the three lucky winners who will get their hands on these one-of-a-kind sneakers!
Menulog Marketing Director, Simon Cheng

The Menulog Run game has achieved over 30,000 plays and 1,000+ entries within the first five days, with the TopView takeover reaching over 2.8 million people.

The abstract world of Katy Perry has given us something very iconic and visual to play with. Sneaker culture is no longer niche and so what better way to create local relevance for the Katy Perry campaign than by combining these two worlds and having some fun along the way.
Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen

Menulog Run will be available for TikTok users to play until 1 February 2023.