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Connecting Plots is an independent creative communications agency located in Sydney Australia. 

We shape remarkable brands to stand apart and be worthy of the attention they need to succeed and grow. What makes us different?  We Connect Smarter™.

With creativity, marketing science, media thinking and channel best practice we strike the right balance between brand and performance that’s proven to perform better. 


Connecting Plots
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Remarkable things are unusual, exceptional, interesting & excellent. Remarkable things get attention. Remarkable things get talked about. Remarkable things endure. 

Just like good brands. 

We build brands to be remarkable because that makes them distinctive which means they stand out, helping to drive growth and preference.





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We Connect Smarter™

Effective modern marketing is all about the right message in the right channel at the right time and in the right format.

Our proprietary Connect Smarter™ process delivers effective & efficient brand and performance advertising through all channels, with native, fit-for-channel creative assets. 



Outcome & output orientated
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A different
way to work.

Instead of the full degustation, sometimes à la carte might be on the menu. 

So we offer both outcome and output oriented solutions depending on the needs of the client or project. Sometimes it’s a bit of both.


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