When old school meets new, effective advertising happens.

Connecting Plots is a digital-first creative communications business based in Sydney Australia. 

We represent the coming together of the timeless principles of effective advertising with data, technology and channels of today.

We’re a motley crew of old school thinkers and new world dreamers who solve business problems with timeless creativity that’s connected to audiences in ways that stay in their minds longer and shift the bottom line significantly.


We build brands with timeless creativity.

Timeless creativity.

Data-inspired consumer insights fuel our imaginations so we can dream up the kind of timeless creativity that makes your brand demand attention, stay relevant and be distinctive, helping to drive it’s long term preference & growth.




We connect smarter.

Modern connectivity.

We harness technology and an intimate understanding of channels to design consistent and cohesive narratives for brands across the total brand experience, ensuring it’s always made for purpose and fit for the channel. This is proven to increase effectiveness by delivering the right message into the right channel at the right time.


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