we are

We are a planning led creative communications agency on a mission to have brands talked about in culture.

We believe, in today’s world, brands must continually future proof themselves if they’re to survive and stay relevant. That’s where we fit in.



Connecting Plots
[We believe in]

[ kuh-nekt
ing] [plots]


To build brands through distinctive, consistent & fit-for-channel stories.


Think Create Make
[How we do it]

A different
way to think,
create, make.

Unlike a traditional agency process we run a non-linear process fusing planning, creative and production together across projects, start to finish, to ensure consistency of message via fit-for-channel distinctive assets to help make brands famous.


Outcome & output orientated
[How we do it]

A different
way to work.

Instead of the full degustation menu some agencies impose, we’ve realised that sometimes clients want to order à la carte. So we offer both outcome and output oriented solutions.. or sometimes a bit of both.


Putting the “agent”
back in agency

A project based agency building brands for the long term.

We’re built for projects, not reliant on retainers with a proven track record of building brands for the long term. 

We work backwards from fixed fees and stay lean to scale laterally (not vertically) with senior, experienced talent to lead and execute our strategic & creative product to ensure speed and quality on every project.




A different
on awards.

Awards are an expensive game to be in. And for an indie business like us, we believe that money can be put to better use. 

So instead, we are investing our would-be-award-budget into initiatives for our staff, our clients and to evolve and innovate our product.


Who we
work with

Our clients

We work in varying ways across our
portfolio of clients.