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Westinghouse never loses sight of the fact that people are happiest when functional, efficient, and uncomplicated appliances deliver what they promise on the box. And this sits at the heart of their approach to design – which they call ‘practical inventiveness’. And it’s the best way they can think of to help consumers get on with their busy lives. ‘Happy to Help’ positions Westinghouse as the quiet, reliable helping hand in Aussie homes and promises that when called upon, Westinghouse will step up and help out, so people can get back to living.

The launch campaign’s hero film tells the story of a planned dinner party gone wrong, thanks to a lively Grey Morwong fish who has other plans - with Westinghouse quietly stepping up to the plate to save the day. The platform and campaign deliberately shakes up the categories stereotypes and conventions by using humour and telling a fun story to emotionally connect with consumers who’ve been drowning in rational category messaging for some time. Aside from the long term brand building elements, the campaign is also designed to bring more rational proof points to life at both a category level for people entering the market and at a product level for those ready to make a purchase.