We're a motley crew of old-school thinkers and new world dreamers. A deliberate blend of advertising, entertainment, social, digital, media and production people on a mission to deliver imagination in every impression.


Tom is co-founder of CP and has 20 years experience spanning media, creative, digital & social agencies in Europe and ANZ. Tom’s vision has been to lead an agency that cared as much about great creativity as it did about where that creative went. A planner by trade, Tom has built CP around creative & connection’s planning; integrated communications that are always distinctive, consistent & fit-for-channel. Tom has led work with some of the world's most progressive brands including Nike, Nestlé, Unilever, Lion & The Coca-Cola Company to name a few.


With 18 years of experience across digital, entertainment, advertising and production, Dave is part CD, part EP and part chief energy officer. He has an unwavering passion for entertaining creativity that that puts the audience first, and has led major campaigns for Tourism Australia, Fantastic Furniture, Tooheys, XXXX, McDonald’s, Menulog & Westinghouse and won a International Emmy Award for #7 Days Later, the world’s first crowdsourced TV show. Dave is also the founder of Infinity Squared an award winning creative & production company.


A partner of the agency with 18+ years across entertainment, production and advertising, Sophia is an operational and financial ninja who uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to streamline and operationalise businesses, making them more efficient and more profitable but with a core belief that the culture and people of the business must always come first.


Matt lives and breathes the digital and social worlds, occasionally coming up for air to create culture-shaping, made-for-channel creative. Originally an Art Director, before leading departments as Creative Director for more than 10 years, he brings a passion for design and an artist’s eye for aesthetics. When he’s not wowing clients with mad creative skills, he’s wowing teammates with slick ball skills. Yep, he loves all things NBA and shoots hoops regularly despite an ankle that’s dodgier than an email from *Couriers_AU#.


John is a highly awarded Creative Director with more than 15 years experience. An expert craftsman with words, he’s adept at creating compelling stories regardless of channel. ‘Ads that don’t feel like ads’ is where he believes the best results are possible. In his downtime he enjoys working on a kids’ show idea he’s created and sharpening his Dad skills with his two young daughters, four and two. That’s not their names by the way - that would be weird.


Emma is a dynamic marketing leader, lover of cooking, creative and strategic partner, world traveller, driver of effectiveness, and solutions oriented operator. With over 20 years experience she has worked across multiple countries on both domestic and international brands. These include some of Australia's largest clients and most effective campaigns including those for The Australian Government, The Department of Social Services, Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Australia, Optus, TAL, TAB and Lion (Tooheys, XXXX). In her role leading agency and client based teams Emma brings a demonstrate history of strategic and creative excellence to the table, with a passion for great ideas, and operating as a trusted partner to all.


With over 16 years of invaluable experience in advertising operations and production Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and problem solving to every project - combining craft with agility to deliver better outcomes for clients. Sarah has worked on major brands and advertising campaigns for brands such as Optus, Telstra, Commbank, Woolworths, IAG, Steggles, Beam, Freedom, Amazon. Sarah sits at the heart of the groups 3 agencies co-ordinating the cross pollination of capabilities and services. Her dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle has led her to actively pursue interests in triathlons and cycling, where she embraces the challenge of pushing her physical and mental boundaries to new heights.


We’re values-led with a commitment to having a high performing culture that empowers freedom & responsibility.



We’re a team, not a family. And a pro sports team at that. We show up to win and put in the hard work to be at our absolute best come game day.


We don’t do things just to get them done. We do them to make our work the best it can be. We come with solutions and help others when needed. We hustle to make great work.


We’re fearless in the pursuit of doing what we love: Making the kind of advertising people love and that actually works.


We’re a motley crew of different perspectives, backgrounds, beliefs and disciplines but when we get together we’re a remarkable bunch.


Advertising isn’t an easy thing to get right. We’re often under pressure and the ruthless scrutiny of industry peers. But when we have fun doing it, it reminds us that it’s actually better than having a real job.

RecognisingHigh Performers

Every pro sports team needs an award for MVP. And we don’t do ours by halves. Each month, a member of the team who has lived and breathed the company values scores a long weekend away at CP’s holiday house up at Copacabana Beach.