In a bid to increase market share and future proof the brand locally, ‘Happy to Help’ works across all the brand’s sub-categories and positions Westinghouse as the quiet, reliable helping hand in Aussie homes that, when called upon, will step up and help out so you can get back to living.

“When we sat down with Connecting Plots we all agreed that the ambition was to solidify Westinghouse as an icon of Aussie homes. Aussies have an inherent affinity with Westinghouse – it’s a brand that most Aussies grew up with and this new positioning is targeted at reigniting that truth in Australian culture. Our culture rates people who quietly pitch in without complaint or drama to help out when things get beyond our control and that’s exactly what Westinghouse is all about.”

Electrolux ANZ Marketing Director, Richelle Barker.

The launch campaign’s hero film, directed by Jesse James McElroy and produced by Infinity Squared, tells the story of a dinner party gone wrong, thanks to a lively Grey Morwong fish who has other plans – with Westinghouse quietly stepping up to the plate to save the day. It’s a deliberate play by Westinghouse to step change the categories stereotypes and conventions by using humour and a story to emotionally connect with consumers who’ve been drowning in rational category messaging.

Aside from the long-term brand building elements, the launch campaign is also designed to bring more rational proof points to life at both a category level for people entering the market and at a product level for those ready to make a purchase. The platform ‘Happy to Help’ is also designed to be both a compelling value proposition for customers as well as employees.

“This platform will come to life in every brand impression Westinghouse creates. From retail to delivery and comms. For us, that’s where the real magic happens. When a brand like Westinghouse can bring their brand story to life perfectly in every channel, across paid, owned and earned, in consumer comms, internal and trade”.

Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen.

The brand has also developed a distinctive sonic branding device to be used across all audio and relevant channels as a refreshed brand look and feel.

“Westinghouse is one of the largest and most iconic brands in its category in Australia and in fact, one of the largest brands by volume in the Electrolux Home Products portfolio, making Australia a critical market for Westinghouse. We’re thrilled that with the launch of this new range we can offer Australians and New Zealanders uncomplicated appliances that make life easier and let them get back to the things that really matter.”

Electrolux ANZ Managing Director, Kurt Hegvold.

The campaign launched on Tuesday 5 September and will roll out across paid, owned and earned channels. The campaign has been brought to life by Connecting Plots, Infinity Squared, PHD and Humann.

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