The creative platform ‘Great hair makes a world of difference’ deliberately talks to the eco-conscious consumer who won’t compromise on the quality hair products that Schwarzkopf is renowned for.

Schwarzkopf are leaders in high performance hair care products the world over and we’re excited to be able to use our influence in the category to now also be more sustainable. Our goal is to be the go-to hair care product for those looking to do their small part in minimising wasteful packaging.
Schwarzkopf ANZ Marketing Manager, Anne-Marie Viguier

The campaign, developed by Connecting Plots, takes into account research by University of Leeds showing that people are still unwilling to buy green products because of doubts over the products performance ability, with most consumers perceiving them to be less effective.

Harvard Business Review says 65% of consumers want sustainable products, but only 26% will prioritise them when buying. So while sustainability is key, we need to think about what’s actually going to make this product a commercial success. Appealing to category cues, speaking to the audience’s needs, creating a lasting impression, that’s what will drive success. This campaign shows the audience this product is the quality and standard you would expect from Schwarzkopf but delivered in an eco-friendly and new way.
Integrated Strategy & Planning Partner, Tim Collier

The campaign is rolling out across Video on Demand, YouTube and OOH.

Connecting Plots has been working with Schwarzkopf for two years and last year developed the hugely successful LIVE Colour hashtag challenge campaign on TikTok which achieved over 34 million total views and grew LIVE Colour loyalists by 113%.