This new campaign follows the Royal Agricultural Society Of NSW appointment of Connecting Plots as its new creative agency of record following a competitive pitch that took place in November 2022.

In their first project for RAS, Connecting Plots have created ‘Find Your Happy Place’ a creative platform that builds upon the heritage and creative direction that the Sydney Royal Easter Show has followed since 2017 – the home of childhood wonder and joy, punctuated by the mnemonic device, ‘Happy and you know it’.

There’s a lot of nostalgia associated with the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We wanted Connecting Plots to leverage that heritage and capture the wonder and joy of childhood while also making the campaign feel new and contemporary.
RAS Head of Marketing, Frances Jewell

The new creative platform has been brought to life through the entire customer experience with a strong visual identity that builds upon the iconic elements from the Easter Show including the ribbons from the agriculture awards and hero brand colours of red and purple. Meanwhile the iconic ‘Happy and you know it’ theme song from previous campaigns has been evolved into a playful whistling device that carries throughout the different creative.

In order to understand how to evolve the existing campaign direction, we conducted research with a partner company to analyse the previous campaigns to see what we should keep, change and build upon. From these learnings, we created the organising platform ‘Find Your Happy Place’ that evolved the existing creative and showed that, with all the different experiences on offer at the showgrounds, there truly is a happy place for everyone.
Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen

The ‘Find Your Happy Place’ creative platform has been designed to create consistency and cohesion across all of the show’s collateral. The visual identity has been applied across every single impression, from TVCs, social, radio and OOH through to media kits, selfie photo frames and the spectacular nightly drone show.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show and the ‘Find Your Happy Place’ campaign will run until Monday 17 April with pre-sales already hitting an all time high.