Hoping to mirror the success of the 2023 campaign which saw 58% of all tickets sold before the event opened, the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW is again reminding consumers that the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a chance to ‘Find Your Happy Place’.

But with further cost of living pressures on Aussie households, a focus on showing value for money is a critical shift in the campaign’s messaging.

With the Show boasting exceptionally high awareness within the state of NSW (over 90%), the ‘Find Your Happy Place’ brand saliency message will continue to solidify its place in people’s minds, over the Easter period.

“Our ‘Find Your Happy Place’ brand message evokes memories and joy in young and old, evidenced by how it exceeded targets by more than 10% last year. It has become part of the vernacular in media reporting and with our Show audiences, so we remain confident and passionate about the long-term life of the branding. It resonates deeply with our customer base, as well as our Show team.”

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Head of Marketing, Frances Jewell.

A multiple messaging approach to mid funnel comms will target multiple audiences across different motivators – showing there is something for everyone at the event, with sales driving, action-oriented messages being used to land ‘value’ in a more literal sense (i.e. savings).

“The brand platform ‘Find Your Happy Place’ has struck a chord with people. It reminds them of the power of joy in creating life-long memories, and we’re confident it will continue to build on the success of last year.”

Connecting Plots Creative Partner, John Gault.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show will run from Friday 22 March 2024 to Tuesday 2 April 2024.