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After decades of discount prices & package deals, Fantastic Furniture had a problem with 64% of consumers seeing them as poor quality and cheap. Even their own customers referred to them as ‘plastic fantastic’. We needed to stop Aussies from being ashamed of buying Fantastic Furniture. Our brand campaign, ‘When It Feels Like Home, You Feel Like You’ became a statement of truth proving that with everyday low-prices and on-style furniture, Fantastic Furniture can help to enrich our homes by allowing life’s precious moments to play out.




Perceptions of cheap


Value for money


Sales YOY

The campaign invited the audience to quietly observe real and unguarded moments of comfort, humour and honesty, all set to the backdrop of Fantastic Furniture. We used customer data to develop 22 relatable scenarios across 2 audience skews, brought to life in 70 pieces of channel perfect creative which helped minimise programmatic fatigue and keep audiences engaged. We turned shame to fame, grew consideration by 5%+, dropped perceptions of ‘cheap’ by -3.91% and increased sales by 37% year on year.