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Digital, social & PR


Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival

  • Best Video Series
  • 3rd place in Tourism Destinations category

Award Award 2021 (Nominee)

  • CRAFT | Sound Design & Use of Music
  • CRAFT | Digital Craft

Webby Awards (Winner)

  • Video: Technical Achievement
  • Websites and Mobile Sites: Travel

Webby Awards (Honouree)

  • Video: Travel & Adventure

Tourism Australia ‘Australia in 8D Audio’

At a time where people are craving travel experiences, but physically couldn’t, we wanted to create the next best thing.

‘Australia in 8D’ is a series of immersive films designed using innovative 8D audio technology, to transport viewers from around the world in lockdown and into the heart of some of Australia’s most breathtaking destinations and keep them dreaming of their next Australian holiday.

The UX has been themed by colour to evoke a range of feelings and emotions, and showcase the visual diversity and vibrancy found in Australia, and provide inspiration for future holiday plans.

Put your HEADPHONES ON 🎧 and enjoy the serenity.

The immersive project ran across digital, social & PR. To experience the full suite of colours visit

8D Escape 'Green' Film

8D Escape 'White' Film

8D Escape 'Black' Film

8D Escape 'Red' Film

8D Escape 'Magenta' Film

8D Escape 'Blue' Film

Executed as Fit-for-Platform & Channel