In a highly competitive category that’s hard to navigate, the new campaign by Connecting Plots seeks to unlock the assurance of an expert opinion, with the MHIAA Air Experts behaving like wine sommeliers – but with air.

It’s the third iteration of ‘The Experts in Air’, a brand platform that takes a humorous and light-hearted approach to presenting MHIAA as the true experts of the air-conditioning by stating that to truly understand air, MHIAA takes air exploration to the extreme.

“We understand that most Aussie’s are only in the market for an air-conditioner a few times in their life, if ever and that the brand affinity seen in other product categories isn’t as strong. So why not have some fun in what is usually a pretty conservative category and grab the attention of immediate and future customers so they can make an informed decision when the time is right.”

MHIAA Marketing Manager, Jenny Perello.

The brand strategy continues to focus on long term growth through distinctive and consistent brand building, underpinned by MHIAA’s heritage, credibility, customer satisfaction and the fact they are the most independently awarded air-con brand in Australia; with over 14 awards from CHOICE®, Canstar Blue, Finder and Product Review. The campaign also looks to uplift short term sales with a cash bonus promotion targeting both consumers and installers, who are highly influential figures in the sales process.

“Over the past three years, we’ve built on ‘The Experts In Air’ platform with a unique brand of humour to unashamedly claim category-leadership. When in doubt, you ask an expert and with their heritage and awards, that’s exactly what MHIAA are – our job is to convey that in a fun and compelling way that helps them stand apart.”

Connecting Plots Co-Founder, Dave Jansen.

The campaign is running across TV, BVOD, YouTube, radio, social, online, POS and owned channels, working closely in collaboration with media agency Speed.

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