Air conditioning isn’t something people know or care about. It’s a purchase that might happen once, maybe twice in their lifetime (if ever) but when it does, it’s technical and hard to know the difference between brands, resulting in consumers more often than not letting installers decide what brand they buy.

This created a massive problem. The only way for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) to grow market share would be by getting buyers to actively choose them and not just wait for recommendations.

This meant we needed to break the rules of the category with a B2C2B approach.

MHIAA had won the CHOICE Best Brand Award for the 6th year in a row and Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers award for the 5th year in a row – proving them as the expert choice in A/C.

And that created the opportunity we needed. Not just to position MHIAA as ‘The Experts in Air’, but to do so by being distinctive and memorable in a category known for retired sports presenters and cash back deals.

We weaponised humour to deliberately stand apart from competitors and appeal to both consumers and installers, doing it in a way that reinforced the brands’ expert credentials – showing MHIAA takes mastery of air to the extreme.

Through brand mascots and entertainment, we broke the traditions of a boring category and tickled the funny bone of audiences, making our brand more memorable and reminding consumers that we were the smarter choice as the most trusted and satisfying brand in the market.

The campaign boosted sales, significantly grew market share, delivered a massive ROI and helped customers make the expert choice in A/C.

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