The new work continues to drive this positioning while elevating the use of eggs to consumption beyond just breakfast.

“The ‘Bring the Bright’ brand platform has been received incredibly well, people really connect with it. It’s encouraging to see people start to embrace eggs in a broader range of meals and occasions.”

Australian Eggs Managing Director, Rowan McMonnies.

The latest chapter tells the story of a playful family dinner occasion where the core ingredient goes missing.

“The ‘Bring the Bright’ platform is about the inherent joy that eggs can deliver. The platform has enormous potential. This is just the start of showcasing the breadth and versatility of the humble egg.”

Connecting Plots Creative Partner, John Gault.

The work has come to life in partnership with Infinity Squared, UM and Liquid Ideas, rolling out across digital channels including BVOD, DOOH, social and owned channels over the coming months.