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MILO had developed a new ready to drink format as a way to migrate from kids into teens. The problem was that to teenagers, MILO isn’t cool. It’s something Mum gives you. But the new format offered a convenient pick-me-up to suit an active teenage lifestyle and at a time in their lives when they are building their own identity. ‘For the win’ is grounded in the simple thought that in our formative years, a win isn’t always about beating someone, it can be just doing something better than you’ve ever done it before. And MILO RTD helps you go after these wins, whatever they are.

The campaign featured content creators in authentic and audience relevant content across social platforms. These creator collabs were then transformed into branded content and advertising that targeted teens and main grocery buyers.

A.R was used to engage teens natively and drive participation and sharing of native content around the product launch.

And messaging adapted to suit the consumer journey including a focus on crave appeal in retail channels and proximity media.