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In a blind taste test, Maggi Fusian was preferred over the O.G of instant Mi Goreng noodles. We just needed a way to get people to try it to believe it. We built our campaign around the divisive cultural fault line of slurp etiquette to encourage trial. Traditionally, slurping is seen as a compliment to the chef, but to westerners it can be rude and annoying. To combat this delicious tension, we created the Maggi Fusian 'Slurp Shield' - a device that suppresses slurp noises to a quiet whisper.

To launch, TikTok creators were engaged to road test Maggi Fusian Mi Goreng Hot and Spicy, and encouraged to unleash their loudest slurps and drive the conversation around slurp etiquette and these Seriously Slurpable Maggi Fusian noodles.

Content creators filmed skits, showing social audiences their preferred slurping etiquette to get max taste, introducing The 'Slurp Shield' to combat any altercations that might occur around the dining table.

Native creator content was shared, before the best performing assets and creative elements were repurposed with brand codes to drive brand salience across paid brand channels.