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After running regular retail campaigns for their Autumn-winter period, Lendlease wanted to add more meaning into their marketing. So we helped them transform their shopping centres from everyday destinations into hubs with heart and purpose. The campaign ‘The Good Day Collective’ turned a regular shopping trip into a chance to make a real difference. It invited shoppers to enjoy uplifting, meaningful experiences. This included being good, kind and caring towards people, community and the planet. Integral to this was Lendlease’s support for First Nations RAP, social and environmental sustainability and local community initiatives. To bring the campaign to life, we collaborated with talented First Nations artist Janelle Burger whose vibrant designs told a meaningful story. Her work spotlighted Lendlease's dedication to reconciliation, and made every piece of the campaign pop with colour and connection.

To bring The Good Day Collective to life nationwide, we developed a Good Day Collective toolkit. Each Lendlease centre got everything they needed to personalise and roll out the campaign right across the Autumn-winter retail period, covering everything from events to national holidays.

Through a combination of in-centre activations and community events, we helped spread goodness even further. Community, care, and sustainability came together in centres to show Lendlease’s commitment to a more meaningful shopping experience.




The Good Day Collective campaign far surpassed expectations, achieving such strong results it redefined the Lendlease national campaign approach. It created a huge uplift in traffic and centre sales, generated front page newspaper coverage with 5.4M reached through earned media, and won the Community category award (multi-centre) at the 2023 SCCA Marketing Awards.