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With a growing portfolio of beer brands - Lion Co needed to reposition James Boag as a more premium beer to defend  a higher price point.  With our audience already living refined lifestyles with instant access to great food and experiences, we saw the opportunity to connect them with rugged pursuits not found from city life. At the heart of the campaign was a suite of rugged-luxe Tasmanian travel itineraries made in partnership with Tourism Tasmania. Each itinerary offered unique rugged luxe experience in the Tasmanian wilderness - with the customer journey connecting to activation operators and travel partners.

The itineraries and campaign was brought to life with stunning photography by well known photographer Jarrad Seng, who was commissioned to capture various rugged luxe experiences across Tasmania as well as portraits of the operators behind the experiences.Watch the hero film below.

Campaign photography was used in advertising and displayed as artworks in selected Qantas lounges up the eastern seaboard.