Bringing relevance back to a heritage brand in a category obsessed with tech.

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Innovation is at its best when it’s helping make our lives that little bit easier. That’s the simple thought behind ‘Now You Can’, a campaign-able brand platform for Westinghouse.

Westinghouse were losing market share to competitors with technology products such as smartphones and TV’s. But these tech giants had lost touch with what consumers actually want. Not gimmicky gadgets like a TV on a fridge. They want appliances that get the job done better and easier.

So we weaponised Westinghouse’s consumer centric design philosophy to show that Westinghouse was the only brand that understood these needs.‘Now you can’ subverts the categories bland visual language and characterises playful people who are now having better experiences thanks to Westinghouse.

‘Now you can’ smashed sales targets, leading to a 37% increase in sales over two years, restoring the brands consideration and stealing share back from the tech brands who forgot that appliances are all about the homes they live in.

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