How facilitating self expression grew market share by 20%.

Schwarzkopf is all about self expression and finding that unique look and colour that brings your own style to life.

The Live Colour range empowers people to change their look constantly, with a variety of big bold colours to suit anyone’s flavour.

But going wild on a new colour is a big leap for most people and the thought of being stuck with a colour you don’t like is a massive barrier for people to consider the product. Luckily, the opinions of our peer groups is a great way to navigate this and a platform like TikTok allows this to take place at scale.

So we created a campaign around a branded effect with TikTok AR which allowed users to change the colour of their hair as a risk-free ‘try before you buy’ experience.

We then recruited TikTok AU’s hottest talent to use the effect and share with their audiences promoting inclusivity and each making content in their own unique tone.

We used this content as our own ads and blasted them across the platform with outstanding results.