Repositioning James Boag as a premium beer within the portfolio.

Man will always have a natural affinity with nature and the elements. This simple truth sits behind ‘A return to rugged’ – a platform designed to reposition James Boag as a premium beer within the wider Lion Co portfolio.

With our audience already living refined lifestyles with instant access to great food and experiences, we saw the opportunity to connect them with rugged pursuits not found from city life.

‘Return To Rugged’ champions man’s return to the purity of the Tasmanian elements, the provenance of James Boag.

At the heart of the campaign was a partnership with Tourism Tasmania and a suite of rugged-luxe travel itineraries for our audience to discover. Partnerships with brands Land Rover, Canon & MJ Bale allowed us to borrow from their premium credentials and shift brand perception and partnerships with influential content creators allowed us to scale the project through owned and earned channels.

The campaign achieved 5.6 million social impressions, 550,000 social engagements, 125% increase in website dwell-time and contributed to 3pt+ premium brand credentials.

Rugged Luxe Travel Itineraries via Tourism Tasmania

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