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Helping protect brand Australia whilst international borders were closed.

We all know it. That exact moment of bliss when suddenly the holiday kicks in. When the food explodes on your palette, the music fills your ears and the vista lifts your heart.

With the pandemic forcing the closure of the Australian border to all international tourists in 2020, this film is part of a larger immersive film project using 8D audio technology designed to help brand Australia maintain relevance and desirability to international travellers.

The film entitled “Tune onto Aus’ is a collaboration with Flight Facilities and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, whose spine tingling live recording of James Curds’ ‘Got To Have’ is reimagined in 8D audio against stunning scenes of Australiana and unique moments of rejuvenation, expressed through powerful visual metaphors.

The ‘Australia in 8D’ project has reached over 200 million people worldwide with over 75 million completed video views and a 176% increase in traffic to australia.com.

Hero 90" Video

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