Creation of the brand platform and brand story.

Brand Strategy | Global creative platform | Integrated launch campaign | Connections Planning | Digital | Production

All that’s interesting begins with wonder. And the first step to discovering wonder is accepting that it actually exists.

‘Wonders Never Cease’ is the brand platform for Magic Box Wine Collection. It brings to life the brands visual identity and creates a brand story directly linked to the role Magic Box wines plays in socialising amongst younger drinkers, with a dazzling range of spectacular varietals, conjured from the finest Australian grapes by a master winemaker known only as the Magician.

Launching the brand with an integrated global campaign.

To launch the brand globally, we developed integrated brand campaign
‘Welcome to Magic Hour’ celebrating the transition from day to night, work to play, where wonder, anticipation and excitement builds as to where the evening may lead.

The campaign was crowdsourced through a global creative community to capture how magic hour is experienced in amazing locations and various time zones across the globe. ​

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