BRAND Cricket Australia

TYPE: Content Marketing

With summer representing a major sales period for official cricket apparel, ASICS Oceania was facing extremely challenging market conditions due to the controversy earlier in that year which impacted on the Australian cricket team and broader cricketing community. 

However, cricket is part of our national identity. Each summer we all become a part of the Aussie cricket team. And like all great teams, the strongest ones stick together through thick and thin. They win together. They lose together. And when the chips are down they pick themselves up and get on with it. 

Our approach is to rally the country to get back behind our team, in a way that’s honest and disarming. By acknowledging there have been mistakes but using it as a positive… and to remember why we love this great game of ours.

The campaign rolls out nationally this week across digital, social, at-game and in-store.