Fantastic Furniture has launched the latest iteration of their ‘Aussie Made’ campaign by Connecting Plots celebrating their Australian made story and showing how buying Aussie made furniture feels as comfortable as their sofas.

The first phase of the campaign, which launched in May, celebrated the Aussie made mattress range. This newest work showcases the Aussie made sofa range, with broadcast, YouTube and social executions drawing inspiration from the familiarity of sibling rivalry in Aussie homes, while the new audio executions for Spotify and radio borrow from the iconography of a Kookaburra.

“Celebrating our Aussie roots is one strategy that’s helping us to continue to shift the perceptions of the quality of our products” says Laurie Lai, CMO for Fantastic Furniture. “It’s a critical play right now as we, like all retailers, deal with the impacts of the current economy.”

“This continues to build on our ‘Find your Fantastic’ platform which is all about enriching Aussie homes with all of life’s little moments and the subtle but important role Fantastic Furniture plays in making that happen,” says David Jansen, Co-Founder and Creative Partner at Connecting Plots.

“Buying our Aussie made products not only gives them stylish furniture at a fantastic price,” adds Will Dance Head of Marketing for Fantastic Furniture “but it also adds comfort and assurance to our customer homes.”

The new Aussie Made sofa creative launched on Sunday 28 August and will roll out alongside Fantastic Furniture’s existing Aussie made mattress campaign.