Connecting Plots has created a branded AR lens filter for Schwarzkopf and TikTok.

#Live Colour Change celebrates Schwartzkopf’s passion for hair, by inspiring their audience to create their own style and experiment with new and different looks with the bold and adventurous colours featured in the live colour range. 

This campaign was brought to life through a Branded Effect and Hashtag Challenge package (including 1x TopView and 1x One Day Max), and supported by InFeed ads. The purpose of the branded effect was to allow the TikTok community to ‘try before they buy’ and ultimately to drive purchase consideration once they have interacted with the branded effect and seen what they look like with different hair colour.

The campaign reached at least 4M Australian’s, by delivering over 32M ad impressions at a cost effective CPM of $6.78. On top of the incredible reach, the community embraced the interactive and fun branded effect, creating 3,739 pieces of UGC (more than 50% of which used the #, branded effect and official music, 17x vs benchmark). The combination of ad formats across reservation and auction drove a lift of 8.9% in ad recall, 2x vs Kantar norms for the personal care category. More importantly, the campaign delivered a lift of 5.02% for purchase intent, delivering on the campaign objective of driving consideration.